Open Show

Open Show

The ’Open Show’ is traditionally an accompanying programme of major shows mostly in the Unites States but also in certain European countries, without awarding FCI titles.

Esentially it means that the judging is conducted according to the breeders’ aspect under the usual FCI show methods by granting various titles in different classes. Also in this case the point is examining and evaluating the character and movement of the dogs. The invited judges are tipically experts who do not bear an AKC or FCI llicence however they are recognized and esteemed specialists of the breeds whose opinion are highly respected. Thus beside obtaining a new title, also increased professionalism enchances the judging.

Classes to be judged:
Minor Puppy: 3 – 6 months
Puppy: 6 – 9 months
Junior: 9 – 18 months
Intermediate: 15 – 24 months
Open: from 15 months
Working: from 15 months
Champion: from 15 months
Veteran: from 8 years

Course of the Judging:
The authorized person judges the breeds by classes and by sexes, delivers a detailed judgement in writing, reads out the justification of his judgement loudly and delivers prizes from 1 to 4th. The class winners are called back so that the best dog and best bitch can be selected, they are given the ’Best of Breed’ and the ’Best Opposite Sex’ prizes. Having finished the judging of the breeds we hold the Best in Show program as well.

How to enter:
All purebred dogs holding an FCI recognized pedigree are entitled to enter in the above listed classes. The classification of the dogs are based on their ages. When specifying the age, the relevant date is the day the dog is presented.
When submitting the entry please also attach the copy of full pedigree (both pages), the application form (filled in & signed duly), proof of payment and the copy of the club card.

Entry Deadline: 28th March, 2020

Entry fees:
First dog: 3000 HUF / 20 EUR
Further dog(s): 3000 HUF / 20 EUR
Minor Puppy, Puppy, Veteran: 3000 HUF / 20 EUR

Means of Entry:

1. Online entry: www.

2. By post:

Downloading the Entry Form:…/SZ…/nevezesilap_szilvasvarad_2020.pdf

Post the Entry form to:
Ebtenyésztők Heves Megyei Egyesülete
H-3396 Kerecsend, Pf: 3

In case paying by bank transfer, please use the following datas:
Ebtenyésztők Heves Megyei Egyesülete
Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank Nyrt.
10300002-10599205-49020013 (HUF)
IBAN: HU 71 103000021059920549020013

3. Entering in person:
In the offices of MEOESz during opening hours
Address:1194 Budapest, Hofherr Albert u. 42.



Ebtenyésztõk Heves Megyei Egyesülete
H-3396 Kerecsend, Pf.: 3.
A kiállítás helyszíne / Show Venue : Szilvásvárad, Lovas Stadion (GPS: 48.0977257649 | 20.389187444 )
T: +36-30-9827421 (Deutsch), +36-70-4572769 (English),
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